Ramblings from my hammock 

  This past year has been a very strange year in my life and in my marriage. Three and a half years into this crazy ride J and I are still figuring this whole thing out. Sometimes we get it right and sometimes we get it oh so wrong, but we learn in both times and keep right on trucking. We have had more major decisions to make in the past year then I think I’ve had to make in my entire life. Our new life motto has become “We make the best decisions we can with the information we have in front of us.” And as always in life, hind sight is  20/20. 

We will inevitably have many more decisions to make over our lifetime and I’m trying to be thankful for this past year that has taught us how to do that better together. To be honest, with two stubborn, independent people that both have very different ideas about how this whole life thing should be, we’ve learned and relearned how to listen, how to extend and receive grace. To know when it is best to take a break and when to wrestle through the hard stuff. We are still learning, but I’ve never been more glad that I married a man who is patient and willing to walk through this crazy adventure with me. 

So, with this time of year being the time of year of new beginnings, a sort of 2nd new year, I’m embracing it. Taking time to realign. Taking time to focus on the important things. Taking time to reflect on the past year and learn. Taking time to stop and spend time with my husband. Uninterrupted time. Taking time to dig into the Word. To open my heart and mind. Taking time to embrace this in-between time in our life. Enjoying not having to make a major life decision at least for the next two months…..


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