This One is for You Elle

It has been over a year. I’m ashamed. Mainly because I just went back and read my old posts and I love reading them and I’m a little sad our entire last year wasn’t documented. Especially since we had a lot of big events and big “almost” events over the past year.

– Jamey got his masters

– Jamey applied and got into several PhD programs.

– We decided to move to Hawaii

– We moved out of our last apartment

– We went to Peru

– We lived apart for almost  6 months

– We decided two weeks before moving we weren’t moving to Hawaii

– Jamey started a new job

– We bought a house

– We went to San Fransisco/Napa

– We have made multiple updates to our said new house

– We joined a new church

Okay, I think that caught me up to our current situation. We love our house and we love our jobs. We are on-the-go a lot, especially Jamey. Currently he is in Dubai and then he is going to China (not sure of what city he will be in….) and next week I’ll be outside Chicago for work and then the next week he will be in some other foreign country that I’m not sure of at the moment… Yeah, yeah I should know where he is and where he is going, but he travels so much I can’t keep up. It is in my calendar, but I just don’t care to look it up at the moment!

So anyway, obviously the past year has been sort of a whirlwind, but we are officially more settled into our new lives. I’ll try to write a little more now that I’m out of busy season! You hear that Elle, I’m back to blogging! Well, at least for now 😉

Here are a few pictures of our past year!


A fraternity brother’s wedding in the Spring


Our best friends’ wedding in May


In Peru


A summer night in Demopolis


San Francisco bike ride


Napa Wine Tour


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