Happy Holidays!

Our Christmas card photo this year.

Our Christmas card photo this year.

We take this picture every year. One day I hope to have them all to see how we've changed over the years.

We take this picture every year. One day I hope to have them all to see how we’ve changed over the years.

Whew, I’m back. Who knew that when I left to start my new job I wouldn’t be seen back here for nearly two months! To say I have been busy would be the understatement of the year. Ever since that fateful day when I left for the big city I have been going ninety to nothing, and when I did have any sort of downtime I was trying to snuggle up next to my hubby and spend a little time with him.

Recap in shortest amount of words as possible:

– Ran a half-marathon with my family.

-Went to New York, froze my butt off, saw some sights, and stuffed my brain with as much tax accountant knowledge as I could fit.

– Celebrated three different Thanksgivings (with my dad, with my mom and grandparents, and with Jamey’s family) in three different cities.

– Spent a week putting up Christmas decorations and shopping for Christmas presents every chance I got.

– Went to our home town’s Christmas celebration and visited friends.

-Celebrated our anniversary.

– Sister came to visit and we did a whirlwind shopping extravaganza and I finally finished all Christmas shopping.

– Spent the last week before Christmas going to numerous Christmas parties and celebrating Christmas with Jamey.

– Spent an entire week celebrating Christmas and had a total of 6 Christmas celebrations in 7 days.

– Finally made it back home and spent the last two days unwinding, unpacking, and taking down Christmas decorations.

-Also, during most of this time Jamey was studying like crazy for the GMAT and finally took it and made a 710! which in GMAT world if pretty grand and is high enough to where he is a very competitive candidate at all the schools he applied to!

Seeing it all up there doesn’t make it seem so busy, but I feel like I’m still recovering today….

We are actually headed out tomorrow afternoon to Atlanta to celebrate New Year’s with friends, but hopefully I’ll be back to semi-regular posting now! Although , I’m making no promises because in a couple of weeks it is back to training for work and then busy season is upon us….


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