Jamey: The Man, The Mystery, The Mellifluous

He taught me that word just FYI. Here is the meaning if you would have to look it up like I did…..

J taking pic

Last night Jamey and I were chatting and he said something that got me thinking. He says so many things everyday that only he would say, I’m not even kidding. I’m not the only one that notices it, even his classmates comment about when I’m not there to give my common eye rolls. So, I decided that instead of a parent who posts the funny things their child says, I would post the funny things that Jamey says. I even write them down sometimes so I can remember them.

I’ll give a little background about Jamey first for those of you who don’t know him that well. I think the most meaningful way I can describe Jamey is that he is an INTJ on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Look it up here if you want to read more about that type. He fits that personality trait to the absolute T. I’m not sure I’ve ever met anyone that embodies there personality type more. He is in the company of Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter, Sauron, Saruman and Gandalf from LOTR, and Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars, so some pretty big masterminds. Oh and we are almost complete opposites. I’m an ESFJ, find info about that here. Yeah we know we are pretty doomed. We like to think one day this will come in handy when we have kids…you know, give both ends of the spectrum… They will probably just turn out confused and have more problems that we have money to send them to a therapist with….

PS. He is pretty proud of his like-minded individuals and as I type this he keeps naming more people that I should add to the list…

Okay moving on… He is a mix of Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory, Niles Crane from Fraiser, and Tony Stark from Iron Man. Smarter than almost everyone, scheming and a little conniving, a loner, sophisticated and well-versed, and a little egotistical. Oh, and don’t worry we often talk about the fictional characters that Jamey is most like and he has given his blessing on all these characters. He takes quite a bit of pride in being compared to them. Most people that have met him think that he is either rude or hates them, but in honesty he probably just couldn’t have cared less about meeting them at first, so he comes off that way. Which I say that in all niceness… if it looks like I’m being mean. He is quite content in being a loner and until you give him a reason to be friends with you he probably won’t even try.

This probably all sounds really harsh and if you read all the information on INTJs it all sounds very mean, but I think they write that knowing they can get away with it because INTJs are so self-assured that they really don’t care what is said. No lie I just looked over and I asked Jamey why he could read all the negative things about INTJs and not even be phased. He said and I quote, “I’m already critical enough of myself so nothing mentioned about the negative aspects of INTJs ever says surprises me. All the negative things they say are the reason I can be the best at almost everything I do.” That ladies and gentlemen is Jamey and probably most INTJs as well.

Okay, I feel like this is beginning to be all about MBTI and I don’t mean it to be, but Jamey and I are sort of obsessed with them because both of ours fit us like a glove and they also help us to better understand each other which comes in handy when you are on opposite sides of the spectrum…

Without further ado here are some funny things Jamey has been saying lately… I’m only adding a few, but now I’ll keep track of more and when I get several I’ll post them.

-I’m not even sure how this got brought up but I was upset over someone being mean to me I think…. Anyway Jamey got really frustrated and blurted this out in the middle of my rant about how they were being mean and it was upsetting me, “YOU WANT PEOPLE TO LIKE AND UNDERSTAND YOU FOR SOME GOD-AWFUL REASON I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND” I’m pretty sure all I could do was laugh at that point.

– Tonight Jamey talked on the phone to his little brother and through the course of the conversation they talked about football and baseball. It you know Jamey then you know he pretty much loathes any team sport. Soccer was the only one he ever played with much gusto and even that he says he hated being on the team, he just liked being able to run.  Anywhoo, Jamey told his brother it was evident that he now knew more about football then Jamey did and I’m not sure what all his brother said, but Jamey’s words to me about it were. ” He basically told me in no uncertain terms that he was better at baseball and football than me.” I burst out laughing because his brother is like 10 years old…. and Jamey just shook his head… That was just funny on both counts.

– Here is an example from class that Jamey said and then told me about after one of his classmates made fun of him. A girl printed off slide handouts for a presentation they were giving in class

Girl: I hope printing out three slides to a page will be okay

Jamey: (nonchalantly) Yeah, that should be okay unless Dr.’s triad aversion is acting up today.

Classmates: (blank Stares)

– Later in that same class….

Classmate: Y’all didn’t practice for that presentation at all?

Jamey: No, we wanted our presentation to be very organic

Classmate: Jamey, you say the weirdest stuff.

– We were talking about getting a new computer (side story: We just had to send Jamey’s off to get fixed and when he took it into the Apple store they called it “vintage” no lie. Everyone say hooray for two of our most expensive possessions breaking within a month – our previous car! Hooray!) Back to the real story: He was saying he wanted a desktop and I brought up that we don’t have space for one right now. He then proceeded to explain a desk that he saw that we should get and how we could even have it once we had kids because of some feature that boxed up the cords??? “We could keep all that cords in a box, so that the kids couldn’t, like slobber or get their sippy cups on them and mess up our computer” Yes, we know, we aren’t ready for kids yet when our main concern is that our kids will mess our computer up not that they might kill themselves in the process.

Seriously guys, I love this man. He keeps me on my toes and I think all his mysterious ways are what draw me closer to him every day. I’ll never stop learning about him and there will always be something that comes out of his mouth that surprises me. I think we end up being the perfect balance. He brings me down to earth when I can’t get over the fact that I can’t please everyone all the time, and I tell him if there are times when it would probably be good to at least pretend to empathize.  We work, not sure how but we do and I’m ever so thankful that I’ve been blessed with a man that balances my crazy a little!


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