I think I have a sign on me that says “Talk to me, please”

Especially if you are crazy….

Friday I had to travel to Bessemer to register my car and get a car tag. If you live in Jefferson County you know the pain of the car tag office….If you don’t trust me you don’t want to know it. Let’s just say that the first time I ever went downtown to get a new car tag I was told that it was at least a 6  hour wait…. Please tell me who has 6 hours to wait in line to get a car tag!

You can go to two locations to get your car tag, downtown and Bessemer. It is common knowledge that Bessemer is the better of the two with waits only tending to be 2-3 hour waits instead of downtown’s waits of 4-6 hours. Well Bessemer is actually closer to our house anyway, so I always go to Bessemer. Oh, and unless you are unlucky like we are you only have to go when you get a new car and after that you can renew online, but if you are in our family you will renew online, it will get lost in the mail and then you will have to wait in line anyway and then pay to get a replacement sticker…. That is another story for another day….

This story is about getting the tag for my new car. I decided that I would go to the tag office early and get there before it opened for hopefully one of the first spots in line… well I’m not sure what time people started lining up, but lets just say I wasn’t even the 30th person in line that day…. I was lucky enough to be in line by some rambunctious and funny women that had taken the day off work to wait in line for their tags (and yes this is common occurrence for people to do…) and they kept me quite entertained most of the time. On my other side was a man to whom I’m not sure I was lucky or unlucky to have been seated by. He didn’t say much for the first 45ish minutes of my wait, but at that time people started getting anxious and his flood gates opened up. He proceeded to first tell me the history of population growth starting with Noah…. yes I said Noah. It took a while to get through… After the history lesson he got to the point of the story by telling me that because of the rate of population growth and the resources available the US would implode within three years and the rest of the world wouldn’t be too far behind. I’m telling you all this so you can prepare, you know, stockpile resources and such…. I’m guessing that is why he was telling me?? I never really figured that one out. Then shortly after that he made a few comments that I won’t repeat on the interwebs…. Yes, a man sitting next to me at the TAG OFFICE felt the need to tell me things that I can’t even repeat on the internet. Then he proceeded to complain about how the government would get Monday off, but he, a veteran, would not.  I can’t even remember everything he told me that morning, but suffice it to say I was kept busy for the entire 3 hours I waited. Between him and the women in front of me discussing the ways they did their hair and how they wanted to go natural and just a million other things that I won’t recall here today…. I can’t even make this stuff up y’all.

Moral of the story: ever need a few hours to kill with endless entertainment go renew your car tag in Jefferson County…..



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