This morning I posted this photo on Instagram…..


Today marks six years together for Jamey and I, so I couldn’t resist participating in throwback Thursday with the very first picture we ever took together. I think we weren’t “officially” dating when we took this, but we were practically spending every second we could together, so you know….Oh high school relationships…. We were talking last night about how fast this past six years have flown by, but how much things have changed since then.

Everyone says the first year of marriage is the hardest, and while I understand why people say that, our first year of marriage had nothing on our first year of dating. Saying our first year was hard would be an understatement. I think Jamey would agree and we’ve actually talked about it some. I’m not sure if anyone else in my life even knows all the struggles Jamey and I had during our first year dating. We are completely different in almost every way. We had both dated before, but our previous dating relationships were different so we both had different pictures of how this dating thing should go. Jamey didn’t have a cell phone, so if I wanted to call I had to call his house which for me was unbelievable awkward. Looking back I laugh at how much I HATED calling him…..

We grew up with pretty different family backgrounds, so I didn’t understand family time around the dinner table and he didn’t understand family time spent watching tv or riding around on back roads listening to country music. You would think we wouldn’t run into these differences our first year of dating, but in our small town there isn’t much to do besides hang out at each other’s houses, so you get to know the families at pretty much the same time you are getting to know the person you are dating.

We also have different personalities (like polar opposites on the Myers-Briggs scale) so we had to get to know that aspect of each other and I think senior year everyone grows up a lot as they are getting ready to go to college and such, so on top of getting to know each other we were also growing up together and changing a lot.

I think we also had another element to it. Something about the way we clicked. I totally think God put us together in a very special way and honestly I think that first year together is a lot of the reason why we’ve made every other year work since then. We had to fight to keep us together and to make our relationship work and honestly, I have no idea why we did. So many other young high schoolers would have just called it quits when the going got tough but for some reason we stuck it out. I think we both knew there was more to this relationship than met the eye. I think God was working on both our hearts, showing us that He had special things in store for us ahead. I’m so thankful we listened to it and forged ahead. We have literally grown together side-by-side. It has been an amazing six years and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for the rest of our lives.

Okay I’ll stop being sentimental now!

PS. today is also Hewitt’s 4th birthday, so Happy Birthday to our smallest member of the family!


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