Walk 153

Yesterday Jamey and I were a part of Walk 153. I’m sure everyone reading this saw my Insta and Facebook post, but if not Walk 153 was a walk to raise awareness and money for the orphans of the world. It  was such a special day for us. We met new people and got to take part in something so much bigger than ourselves. The church we have been attending puts on this walk each year and they have such a heart for the orphans of this world. The first time we walked into church we saw kids of every nationality running around and then when we looked around for their parents we saw they were adopted. As most of you know Jamey’s family has adopted three children, so adoption is so close to both of our hearts. It is such a picture of God’s adoption of us and this walk was so humbling to take part in.

Over $62,000 was raised and $20,000 went to a school that is being opened in South Sudan. We heard from Andrew, the man who is going back to open and teach in the school and his story was amazing. He was born into war and grew up hiding in foxholes to escape the bombs. His family lived in the jungle to hide and then one day he was given the opportunity to go to school and eventually to come to America to go to college. He has decided to major in education so that he can return and teach the kids of South Sudan. He has completely given his life to God and God is using him in awesome ways.

The other $42,000 was given to the 14 families who are waiting for their children to come home to them. One of the families ended up being a family from our hometown who is waiting on their child from Uganda. Seeing all the families and even being able to see the pictures of some of the children that are waiting to be united with their families was so humbling.

God is doing amazing things these days and I am just humbled to see His grace being displayed everyday. With all that I’ll leave you with some of the facts they had scattered around the track as we walked.

IMG_1162 IMG_1156 IMG_1154  IMG_1151 IMG_1148IMG_1167


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