Weekly Happiness

This week has been so crazy for our family. Jamey has taken 8 flights in 4 days. We’ve probably spent a total of four waking hours together since Monday. Even the dogs have been thrown off their normal schedule. This weekend will be a welcomed one.

The things I’m thankful for this week include:

1. Last weekend we spent an entire weekend practically doing absolutely nothing at all. It was glorious. A much needed break, especially with this week looming over our heads.

2. I carved pumpkins with the youth group Wednesday and it was a blast. The creativity of some of those kids astounds me!



3. I discovered that Birmingham has a newly opened Nordstrom Rack. Hello Kate Spade purses that are 75% off!

4. While Jamey being away has been kinda lonely and I haven’t gotten more than about four hours of sleep without him here, I have had some pretty great bed partners.


5. It is Friday and we have yet another weekend without too much planned. Jamey has a little something with some of the boys from youth group and Sunday we have something with our church and that is about it! I’m pretty pumped we will get some quality time together after this crazy week!

Hope y’all have a great weekend! It’s November so hopefully I can try and get some Thanksgiving decorations up this weekend!


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