Weekly Happiness

This week has pretty much flown by! I had a long Wednesday for some reason, but other than that this week has been pretty great!

1.Saturday we go to spend the whole day with some of the youth! It was great! We all had so much fun! We went to Horse Pens 40 and if you have never been it is a great place to hang out and do a little rock climbing! We had no serous injuries which was a success with so many youth running around, but someone that was bouldering with a group while we were there broke their leg pretty bad. It was neat seeing if we could handle the tricky maneuvers and problems that the serious rock climbers were doing, but of course we didn’t have rock climbing shoes or crash pads, so we didn’t do anything too tricky.Blog 1102413 Blog 2102413 Blog 3102413 Blog 4102413 Blog 5102413 Blog 6102413 Blog 7102413

2. Sunday our small group at our church was cancelled last minute, so we took that opportunity to visit at North Shelby where we help out with the youth. It was fun to meet a couple of parents and see what their services are like. It took me back to the traditional Southern Baptist churches of my childhood! It was so fun to be able to be in a small church environment again too. We had several people come up and talk to us and invite us to Wednesday night fellowship and book club and everything else! We could definitely feel the Love of God in that church and it makes me so excited the youth get to grow up in that environment!

3. I finished another book I was reading and was able to check out two more from the Library! I think I have less than five books on my reading list to read….. Don’t worry I’ve added more so I’ll have some to read when I finish. I’ve decided I’m going to do a recap post once I finish all the books on the list and tell you my favorites, least favorites etc.

4. THIS remake of Miley’s song Wrecking ball is great, and I think I may like it better than the original. Although I’ve never been a huge Miley fan, so they didn’t have to do too much to impress me.  PS. the youth showed me THIS video…I’m probably so late on this one but it is craziness!! I think I’ve disocvered I’m officially no longer hip when I don’t know the latest youtube crazes…. disappointing…..

5. This week was also a week of treats for me….. my first was a DQ blizzard on Sunday. Jamey had been hard at work on PhD applications, so when he finally finished for the night we went to get a treat! 3 down and three more to go! Hopefully finished after this weekend! My second treat was McDonalds on Tuesday night. We didn’t finish up until after 8pm at Tannehill, so we had to do fast food for dinner on the way home. McDonalds is a treat for two reasons: 1. We almost never eat fast food unless we are on road trips and have to and 2. Jamey HATES McDonalds, but he let me gothat night because he is a trooper and loves me so! The third was Thursday night. I got to make a stop in at Sephora and grab a few new things! I don’t go often because we are pretty strict budget nazis and my makeup habit doesn’t often fit into it, but I was out of few things so I got to wonder around and dream and then grab some new products!

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