Halloween is here!

Well, I’m not a huge fall fan, it is actually my my third favorite (2nd least favorite?) holiday. I’m pretty sure that puts me in some odd group of people because it seems lately the love for fall has exploded. I do love the colors, but here is Alabama I just can’t get into them as much because since it gets cold here so late the leaves change one day and fall off the tree the next. There are a few things I do like about fall though. 1) scarves and boots 2) Halloween. We are kind of in a sad phase of Halloween though because we don’t really dress up like we did in college, but we don’t have trick-or-treaters yet either. That doesn’t stop me from decorating or getting into the spirit a little! Last year we went to the pumpkin patch and did corn mazes and all that fun stuff. We haven’t made it this year and it is looking like we might not get a chance, but I do have a pumpkin carving session set up, so I won’t miss out on that. I’ve had my decorations up since mid September I think, so obviously I get pretty excited. Here are a few pics!  Oh and funny story…. I had eyeballs all over my dining room table as well, but one day Hewitt jumped up their and ate all but like 4 (they were chocolates covered in foil to look like eyeballs), soooo sorry it used to be a tad bit cuter before. Oh and don’t worry nothing happened to him!

Yeah... just pretend you see eyeballs everywhere....

Yeah… just pretend you see eyeballs everywhere….

Table Decorations 2102313

Outside door decorations!

Outside door decorations!

Table Decorations 3102313

Last night we also went to Tannehill Park just outside of Birmingham to see their annual Halloween display. Tannehill is a state park and used to be a site for iron works long ago, but has since become home to recreational activities such as hiking and RVing and an event known as Trade Days where people sell their craft and food, anything homemade really. Jamey is doing a marketing internship there this semester so he and the people in his group were asked to judge the annual Halloween RV decorating competition.  I’ve never seen this many Halloween decorations in one place. They best way to describe is to think of the Griswolds house but at Halloween and hundreds of them all in a row. They really don’t decorate their RVs as much as the space around them. One site even built a little shed beside their RV as part of the display. I know this sounds pretty redneck, but it really isn’t. It was awesome and on more than one occasion we screamed. The owners were often standing outside making sure everything in their display was working properly and you could tell they were really proud of all the work they had put into this event. People from all around come to see these decorations and on Halloween over 14,000 people come to trick-or-treat and that is not even counting the over 400 RVs that are already there! People book their RV spots years in advance so they can get the spots with the biggest grassy areas beside them for their decorations. Here are some pictures to give you a taste!

Tannehill 5102313

The numbers are their lot number. (There was an award for most creative display of number)

Tannehill 1102313

Guess this movie!

Tannehill 2102313  Tannehill 6102313  Tannehill 4102313 Tannehill 3102313

Tannehill 7102313

They weren’t all scary. I’ll leave you with this lovely fall display!


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