Happiness. Part 2.

I decided to maybe do a weekly thing where I share my happiness for the week like I did a few weeks ago. So here is my second installment.

1. A girls’ weekend with my best friends who just happen to be my mom and my sister. I talked to Jamey on the phone Saturday afternoon and I was like we have just talked ever since I drove up. He responded with “Thank God I’m not there” which is exactly why girls’ weekends are necessary.



2. Monday I finally got my new car settled and over with. The whole process has sort of been a nightmare so I’m glad it is over and I’m just blessed that even though this isn’t exactly what we wanted to do right now we have the ability to do it. We’ve complained about the money we had to spend but I’ve been reminded on two separate occasions this week that there are those less fortunate who wouldn’t be able to shell out the money, so thank you Jesus for the lesson in humility.

3. I’ve finished two books this week and I’m starting a third. Yes, I have free time on my hands and I love it. Both books were amazing and were they type of books you get lost in. Which are my favorites


4. This speech I found on the web. I think C & C has since put in on her site which basically means we should be besties. Anyway, it is a great speech that really makes you think. I’ve reached the day in and day out job he is talking about and it is eerie how spot on he is. I’ve definitely complained more than my fair share about not enough check out lines!!

5. Last but definitely not least is getting to unexpectedly eat dinner with my hubby! We normally only get Friday and Monday nights to eat dinner together during the week and honestly a lot of times he still has homework so we don’t eat together, but last night two of his classes got cancelled and he didn’t have any pressing work so we got to sit and talk all through dinner! Maybe not that big of a deal to anyone else, but it was a happy surprise to me!

Okay, I hope everyone has a great weekend. J and I are off to chaperone a youth rock climbing trip tomorrow morning bright and early. Say your prayers we come back with everyone in one piece!

Anything big going on this weekend? Just relaxing at home?


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