The Joy of Car Shopping

Funny story. We’ve been searching for a new car. A small commuter car after mine bit the dust a few weeks ago. Jamey’s request was that it have good gas mileage because my Mazda just didn’t. That is no lie. I think I got like 15 mpg on a good day…. I drove around a big Toyota Highlander while mine was in the shop and it got MUCH better gas mileage than mine did. We bought our last car at the Honda in Tuscaloosa because we don’t like the Honda dealership here in Birmingham, so Jamey had gone by to talk money and test drive the car in Tuscaloosa. Well I wanted to go see the car for myself. It will be the car I drive everyday so I wanted to be able to get in and crank it up and all that. Well, I WILL NOT test drive a car. I know that is probably the dumbest thing ever, but we live in Birmingham and the streets are busy and I don’t own this car yet so I sure as heck don’t want to be driving it all around and getting in a big wreck! The fear is probably irrational, but I have a husband who likes to test drive them so why the heck would I ever do it??? I’m not about overcoming my fears y’all. I’m just not!

Anyway, Jamey was doing a big take home mid-term and I wanted to just drop in the dealership here on the way home and LOOK at the car. Well….of course I’m a young girl at a car dealership by herself, so two men come over to help me. I’m sure they were all like, “This is going to be the easiest sale we’ve ever made.” Well as soon as they walked up I was all “I WAS SENT HERE BY MY HUSBAND TO LOOK AT THIS CAR and that IS ALL!!!” But of course they would have none of that. One of the guys kept pressuring me to test drive the car and I was kept saying “No thank you, I’m not comfortable doing that” He didn’t listen. He drove me to the gas station so I could just see how it rode. Oh, and he bought a Monster energy drink while he was there. Classy I tell you. The whole time we were headed there he kept asking me to test drive the car. In the middle of pleading he was tell me how safe the car was and the great gas mileage and how the radio station works. You know all the salesmen things. It was awkward. I was riding around with a five foot nothing muscular man drinking an energy drink guys… While he was selling the safety points of the car he casually slipped in that he wanted to show me a video about it when we made it back to the dealership. That was how he got me. He lured me in the dealership with a VIDEO!! When we drove back up he mentioned the video again and it was like a kitten to milk. “Sure I’ll watch a video about how safe I will be in my new Honda Civic” Dumb. Dumb I tell you. Then they pounced. Three men telling me how much I NEEDED this car. Made me call Jamey!! Told me they would let me take it home for the night just to see how I felt driving it and such. I called Jamey and he laughed in my face (or in my ear I guess) He told me to hang up the phone and get out as fast as I could. I politely told them I needed to run to cook dinner, but not until they lured my phone number and email address out of me. They have since called me. I have not answered…..

One thing I learned that day. Women are treated VERY differently at car dealerships than men, and take my advice ladies, never go to buy a car without one! The day before I had gone with Jamey and they had politely listened to him and of course gave him some selling points, but overall never pressured or anything!! Why must they pressure me?? Even after I told them I was just there to look! I think I have the word sucker written across my forehead….

Now excuse me while I go block their number from my phone……

Update: the search is over and I’ve been driving my new car now for a couple of days. Thank goodness. Jamey is probably most excited that we got rid of mine.



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