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A couple of years ago I really got into makeup. Pretty much ever since I hit puberty I’ve struggled with acne, so I’ve always worn makeup of some sort to cover up my broken out face. I always had to stick to whatever was the tamest on the face so that it wouldn’t cause even more acne. Then my senior year of college I had a lot of free time because I was only taking nine hours of classes and most of my friends had graduated, so I started perusing beauty blogs and developed a love of all things makeup, but I was still on a college girl budget and lived in a college town with not much beyond a couple of counters in Belk. Once I graduated from college and moved to Birmingham with an actual job and multiple Sephora locations and a million other choices my love kind of exploded. I also found an awesome dermatologist that has cleared my face up (for the most part), and I’ve really learned how to take care of my face the correct way.

I definitely do not pretend to be any sort of expert, and I really only know from experience and reading other blogs, magazines, and watching vlogs on YouTube, but I decided to show you a few of my favorite things at the moment. Also, I don’t delve too much into really high-end makeup. I may have more money than my college days, but I’m pretty sure if I tried to buy my entire supply from Chanel J would strangle me….

Well now that that explanation was really entirely too long here are my favorites right now. I say right now because it changes often, but I decided to share these now because all of these I’ve been using for at least the past month, so if I’ve used them that long they will probably stick around for a while.

1. Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer – I use this every. single. day. I use it as my under eye concealer as well as my highlighter, but it doesn’t have a ton of coverage, so if I’m going out at night or want a little more coverage I use another under-eye concealer and just use this as my highlighter.

2. Benefit They’re Real! Mascara – This mascara is SO popular, and really when I got it I didn’t have too many expectations because I’ve never found a mascara that I was crazy about. I feel like I have pretty average eyelashes. They aren’t super short or sparse, but I also don’t have long beautiful lashes either. Pretty much every time I buy mascara I buy a new brand because while I have had some that I hate I’ve never felt like any made my lashes looked especially awesome until I got this mascara. This was actually a last ditch effort to buy anything other than drugstore mascara because I had basically sworn off spending more money then necessary on something that never wowed me. I have essentially fallen in love. My lashes are longer and fuller then I’ve had them be with any other mascara. I may never buy another kind ever again.

3. Stila Stay All-Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner – I bought this after my mom was given it when she had a makeover at Sephora, and she loved it. It is a breeze to apply and stays put!

4. Benefit Hoola – This is a matte bronzing powder that I use for contouring. It is the perfect matte color for me and I’ve been using this since the summer when my skin was tan and now that my tan has faded almost completely it is still a perfect color. It is a very easy to layer color. In the summer I was layering a bit more for a darker color and now I’ve been using a little less. I also have been using this for months and can barely tell I’ve used any of it and the girl that sold it to me said that she has been using it almost every day for a year and she still hasn’t reached the bottom, so I think it will be well worth the money I spent on it over time!

These are my favorite products right now! I change up eye shadows and foundations/tinted moisturizers pretty often, but these I’ve been using no matter what!


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