War Eagle!

We had a week for the books! The week started with a new haircut and a date to one of our favorite sushi restaurants followed by a pretty busy week at work and school for both of us. Thursday we hurried to pack up and then headed to Auburn on Friday for DZ family weekend and the game! Here are a few pics from our lovely weekend! We had a great time and then headed back to Bham on Sunday in time to have a quick dinner date with the grandparents before we crashed in bed at 8:30!

I also learned the bad news that my car has bitten the dust this week so please be in prayer that we can figure out some sort of replacement soon! We are confident everything will work out but it never hurts to have some prayers over it as we figure it out!


Family night at DZ!


We both wore pretty neutral colors, but I was definitely cheering for my tigers!


Boys playing corn hole!


The Bama fan even wore a little blue!



Late night pizza at our favorite pizza place!


Birthday boy! (early birthday)


My shoes broke early in the day and I toughed it out until I couldn’t take it anymore…..


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