Life Updates

This week has been a whirlwind! A great whirlwind, but a whirlwind nonetheless.

Friday night J and I had a date night. We were supposed to have a picnic at our favorite overlook, but were thwarted by the Jefferson County Tag office where I had to wait in life for an hour and half to get a tag that we had already paid for online three months ago, but never came in the mail….. Then we finally got on the road to our overlook, but again were thwarted by the fact that they put up keep out signs…. So we are now on the search for a new favorite spot in Birmingham….. We did end up having a picnic at Railroad Park downtown, but you know it just wasn’t the same as our favorite spot.image

Got a little too dark for iPhone pics...

Got a little too dark for iPhone pics…

Saturday we woke up early to clean out our house. We have now successfully cleaned out every room in our entire house! Exhilarating!

Then we ran off to take pictures downtown and spend the day with our friends watching football and celebrating a birthday.

downtow store front

Downtown Store Front

J taking pic

H and M

Birthday Girl!

Jamey and I

One other thing I learned this  week is that you can find strength and wisdom in the most unlikely of places. I found it this week in a bunch of teenagers that had just lost a dear friend and had other friends still in the hospital. They have come together in a way that is awe-inspiring. They have shown such strength in the face of adversity, and made sure that no matter their friend’s life and death pointed to Christ.  They sat at the front, on the stage of the church at his funeral and sang a song in his honor. I didn’t know the kid because he had just graduated from the youth group so I didn’t get the chance to meet him, but I’ve been blessed by his life, so I know so many others have to.

I’m proud to know the kids in the youth group and to be able to learn from them, and their heart for the Lord. I’m so excited for this time I have with those kids and for what the Lord is going to show me through them.

Oh and update on the book list! I’ve already finished two of the books and I’m starting on the third.

This weekend we have absolutely ZERO plans. Like none whatsoever, so I’m hoping it will be quite the relaxing weekend.  Maybe we will even get to enjoy a last couple of days at the pool! Hope everyone’s plans for the weekend will be just as relaxing as ours!


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