A Time for Change

You know those times in life when there seems to be a life event that happens for everyone at the same time? Like when I was graduating from college everyone was getting engaged, now everyone is getting married. They say babies come next, but I think the next step in our lives is growing up, if  you can call it that.  Graduating college brings on new responsibilities. You have to make major life decisions, and you have to actually be responsible and not just pretend to be.  You move away from your college town and your college friends and your college lifestyle, and have to figure out how to pay rent, buy health insurance, and figure out those pesky 401(k) options. Or at least you hope to grow up. You start new jobs, or you go to graduate school. You look for new opportunities and you hope that you can pull your life together enough to at least fake becoming an adult. It is exciting and scary all at the same time

My sister and I at my graduation in May

My sister and I at my graduation in May

I was describing where I was in my life right now to someone the other day and at the end she said you are just in a stage of new, and for some reason that hit me because yeah, that is exactly where I am right now. It feels exhilarating and makes you grip your seat out of fear, but someday we will look at the decisions we made and be so glad that we did that thing that made us scared. It is so easy to become frustrated at the money we don’t have or the things we can’t do, but I hope that I look back and don’t see this as a time of frustration and being terrified, but a time where I made exciting decisions and stepped out and did something new that I normally wouldn’t have the courage to.

(c) Ben Heine

A few weeks ago I met with someone new, and she asked me to help out with a girls youth group, so I said yes. This is my something new today. I’m not sure where it will lead, but I’m just trying to go where the Lord is leading me. I hope you pick something new today too.

Today make a decision, change something that you don’t like, live in the stage of new and be happy here and not just frustrated and scared. Where are you today? In a stage of new? In a stage of complacency?


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