Five Minute Friday: Red


The alarm goes off, the red lights flashing. I swing my legs out of bed and my first thought is, “When is this ever going to get easier?”

I’ve been at my new job for exactly one month now and I can’t seem to get through one day without almost breaking down.

I know I should be thankful I have a job, but all I want to do is pull the covers over my head and go back to sleep. Is this all there is in life? I get up each morning at 6:00 am, shower, make lunch, and head to work. Come home, make dinner, clean house, watch my shows and then go to bed to do it all over again the morning.

Aren’t I supposed to be different by now. Wasn’t real life supposed to kick in by now? Why do I still feel like I’m rushing through life? Why is it just moving on to one thing then the next? Tomorrow morning it will be different I tell my self, but really who knows. I told myself that yesterday too.


Hey everyone! I was going to post a recipe today, but then I decided to stretch myself a little and do this instead. It is five minute Friday where you set a timer for five minutes then creative write about a topic for only five minutes. This week’s topic is RED. If you want to join in you can link here.

I  never write creatively, so this was completely random, but I thought it would be cool. Sorry guys, this post was more for me than anything. I haven’t done any sort of creative writing since high school when I was forced to!

PS. Family, that may now be concerned that I hate my job or hate life or something this is just fiction writing for fun! 😉

I’ll be back Monday with a recipe for you guys!  Also, I’ve changed up a few things on my blog if you couldn’t tell. The most notable of things being I added a button to the sidebar, just if you are interested in linking my blog! Thanks!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I’m going to dinner with friends tonight and then going wedding dress shopping with my bestie tomorrow morning! See you all back here on Monday!


One thought on “Five Minute Friday: Red

  1. Hi, I am not a morning person at all…never have been and yet due to my job and the fact that I have to take a bus to work (I live in Guatemala now) I have to get up so early and I hate it. I cannot say it any other way. The only way for me to survive is to go to bed so early that it is embarrassing. Thank goodness it gets dark by 7:00 pm up here in the volcanoes and near the equator. So all of that to say I feel your pain and your confusion. Keep going.

    I look forward to your recipe next week.

    Take care.


    PS I think it is terrific that you are stretching yourself writing and being honest.

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