Back to Work Season?

My favorite time of the year is spring, hands down, but my second favorite time of the year is going back to school. I inherited a love of all things back-to-school related from my mother. I would get so excited every year when I got to pick out new notebooks and pens, and I loved organizing everything the first week of school. Each syllabus in its page protector and behind each divider. I mean seriously, I’m getting excited just thinking about it. Well now I’m working and since you never really get an extended vacation from work you never get that exciting starting over period. Now instead of organizing my notebooks I organize my desktop, and instead of syllabuses and dividers I have emails and folders. Which just really isn’t all that exciting, but in the excitement of this time of year I decided to get into the spirit and attempt to organize my cubicle and day dream about the new clothes I would be buying if I was going back to school. Here are some of my “back-to-work” essentials that are inspiring me this year.

Work Essentials


1. I’m pretty much obsessed with all Gap blazers, but this one would be great to wear when the temperatures finally start to cool down.
2. I’ve been eyeing these two-tone pumps for a while, but I already own a pair of two-tone pointed toe pumps, so I can’t justify buying a second pair….
3. I asked for a watch from my hubby awhile back, but haven’t received it just yet. I’m hoping he finds me one similar to this one!
4. This striped blazer from the Loft seems like something I could wear to the office or out to dinner.
5.  Love this color blocked day planner. I haven’t been using a day planner since I graduated from college, but this one is cute enough to convince me to trade in my iPhone calendar.
6. J and I fight over sharpie pens on the daily. We have several floating around the house and I brought one to the office to use while I’m at work. They write like a dream.
7. I saw this on the web and I thought it might be a nice pen to grab for when I’m at a client site for work and need to look a little more professional that my usual sharpie.
8. Loving Rifle Paper Company lately and when I saw this desk calendar I fell in love. Such an upgrade from those huge plain ones you so often see on people’s desks.
9. Nate Berkus for Target is my jam. Seriously, I love almost everything I see from him. This would be perfect on my desk to have all my post-its and pens handy for when I need to jot things down quickly.

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