Remember that time J and I were done with school?


Sorry this picture is so bad! I can’t find any better ones!


Oh you don’t…Me either. Because it was approximately 2.2 seconds over the summer. I graduated from UAB in May and a couple of weeks ago J started his Masters program at the University of Alabama. This is just a stepping stone to his eventual PhD, and I wish everyone could see the excited person I see that gets up and gets ready for school every morning. I mean school is his passion. I don’t think I really ever realized that until I see the change in him from the person that got up every morning to go to work and the person that now gets ready to go to school. Y’all the kid loves to research and study. He is constantly at the library in town picking up new books on business, economics, Chinese, and every other book he can get his hands on that will make him think in new ways. He even called me the other day so excited because he was able to check out a book at the library on campus for a WHOLE SEMESTER.

In all serious though I LOVE seeing this side of him. It is great to see him doing something he loves so much, and even though you will often here me talk about we have 4 MORE YEARS of school in our future I truly am excited for him.

He will also be working at the AITC (I always want to put another A on then end of that and I don’t know why…) part time, and I’m not exactly sure what all they do, but I know it has something to do with small businesses exporting internationally, and that J will primarily be doing business research. He is pretty darn excited about that too because if there are two things J loves they are research and business.

J headed to his first day of class!

J headed to his first day of class!

This year is going to pretty interesting for us, but also just a lot of the same. One of us is still in school and working part time and the other is working full time. Now the roles are just reversed again (When we first got married I was working and J was in school, then I was in school and J was working) . Looks like the next four or so years that will be our story, but this year poses a few more interesting challenges. I’ll actually be working full time, so I will have busy seasons to work through for the first time which means a lot more time at work and a lot less time at home. Also, J is commuting to Tuscaloosa, so he will be gone a couple of days out the week from 7:00 am – 9:00 pm, and then one night out of the week I’ll be helping out with a youth group here in town. Guess what? Those nights don’t coincide, so three nights out of the week we will see each other on our way to bed. We’ve talked a lot about making time for each other over this crazy year, and of course in the spirit of over sharing I’ll update y’all on how it goes….


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