I’m terrible at keeping promises…

I know I said I would post a series about Jamey and I, and I promise I will, but last weekend while I was in Atlanta I got sick and by the time Jamey and I got home Sunday night I was running a fever! I didn’t really start feeling up to par until about Thursday morning, but I still have a cough and a little congestion sticking around. Needless to say I was a little lazy last week just trying to get to feeling better! Then a friend came into town for the weekend, so I didn’t have time to post then either! I do have a couple of the posts written, but not typed out and there are a couple of the beginning posts that I want Jamey to help out with because honestly he tells the story of us meeting so much better than I do! I will definitely try to get some of those worked on this week!

This is what I lived off of while I was sick. This stuff is awesome! Well it and Nyquil 🙂

I did get a couple of things accomplished this weekend though! Friday I rearranged our furniture. Don’t even ask what got into me because honestly I have no idea. Let me go ahead and say I am TERRIBLE at decorating! My mom, sister and I laugh about it and I’m sort of the joke of the family, because every woman in my family is very good at that sort of thing. I mean seriously my grandmother (Mama’s mom), Mama and Mallory can whip a room into shape and have it looking like it came out of Southern Living in 30 minutes!  Somehow I skipped all that and pretty much the only thing I’m good at is reading and eating. HA! Kidding, but not really. I digress…. All I know is that one second my sister was fussing at me for still having not mounted our tv above the fireplace (We have a fireplace in our apartment and Jamey and I planned on mounting the tv above it, but ever since we moved in the tv has sat on a table in FRONT of the fireplace….) and the next thing I know I’m thinking about how we will never mount that tv, so I’m just going to rearrange the furniture instead….. So I drove straight home and spent the entire afternoon doing just that. Then I made Jamey get us a potted plant to put in a bare corner and hang a picture above the fireplace that he had hung just the day before in another spot. Yeah, he was probably cursing me in his head, but he didn’t admit to it out loud! I think by now he is used to my indecisiveness, because as soon as he got it hung I decided it was too small, and I’m already planning out new things to put there. Poor Jamey, I sometimes think he had no idea what he was getting into when he popped the question.

This is our tv in its new spot. Along with our potted plant Freddie (Jamey named him) Oh and yes this wall still needs a lot of work, but it will be a process, so I’m trying to be patient!

I also baked a Chocolate-Peanut Butter Torte that my sister found on THIS website, and I think it must taste pretty good since Jamey has been eating it for breakfast and for dessert these past couple of days…Then last night I mixed up some cookie dough so we could have them ready when we wanted to bake them over the next couple of days, and so we could bake some for our new neighbors that moved in next door.

Yummy Cake! It isn’t the prettiest thing I’ve ever made, but it was tasty!! 

Okay, so now that I’ve caught you up on our past week I’ll get busy writing those other posts and let you know when I get them finished up!


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