Dates, Jobs, and Other Things

It has been almost two weeks since my last post, and a lot has happened while at the same time nothing much has happened. At the last post I told you about my sister coming into town. We had a blast mainly just shopping at health food stores ha! I finally finished up my summer classes and got all A’s! Wahoo! I was SO glad to be done with classes. I finished up on Tuesday night and then headed to Orlando Wednesday morning. Jamey dropped me off at the airport at 8am sharp! I met up with most of my other intern friends and the rest is history. I could give you all a play by play, but I think that it would bore anyone that wasn’t in love with Ernst & Young. There were lots of cheers and games and a lot of talks about what it means to be an employee of Ernst & Young and where we hope to go in the future. There was also lots of Disney World of course!

The Birmingham Interns at Disney World!


Oh, but one really awesome/creepy part was the illusionist. There was a guy on one of the nights that could read minds, and do lots of other cool things with his mind. He was blindfolded and told us the serial number on a Canadian dollar that someone from the audience brought him. He also got random people from the audience to come up and they each got to choose a part of a car. For example, one person chose the type of car (Porsche) then the next got to choose the color and the next got to choose the price. Then he pulled out a sealed envelope and got another girl to read what he had written earlier in the day. HE HAD WRITTEN DOWN EXACTLY WHAT THEY SAID BEFORE HE GOT TO THE CONFERENCE EARLIER THAT MORNING. I don’t know how he did it. I don’t believe he actually read the people’s mind, but I do believe he was a very good illusionist.

So my last week consisted of finishing school and the intern conference, and Jamey’s consisted of work and Skyrim ( a video game). Jamey picked me up at the airport on Saturday afternoon and we decided to go on date to dinner and the movies. I came back to the house and unpacked and then we headed over to our favorite pizza place for our favorite pizza with our favorite waitress. It was just what we both needed. Oh and no it wasn’t Paleo. It was Jamey’s cheat meal, and while I was at the conference I didn’t get a choice of food to eat, so I definitely wasn’t eating Paleo. We then went to watch The Dark Knight Rises at the McWane Center IMAX. The movie was way overwhelming and awesome all at the same time. We had a blast and it was so good to be able to just hang out after our time apart.

Sunday we went to church and then went shopping. Jamey got some new clothes and even a new bathing suit! I got new face wash and we both got new running watches. Just cheap ones from Walmart, but we were both in dire need for some since running is what we spend most of our time doing! Successful shopping day!

I also finished a really great book called The Poisonwood Bible yesterday. I’ll have to write a mini book review when I get a chance! This week we are both busy busy at work. I’m working over 40 hours this week since I don’t have school and we have some big deadlines coming up. Jamey has Garden Party this week so he will be at work late every night this week. I have to be present at a couple of the dinners throughout the week too.

Before I leave you I will leave you with a link to a couple of things that we saw at our intern conference that were inspiring 🙂 Enjoy!

William Kamkwamba: The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind  This is his second TED talk his first one is HERE

Matt Cutts: Try Something New  

Praying for you all! Have a good week!


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