This Week was a Momentous One….

First off we survived week one of the Paleo diet and aren’t crying for our mommies. Here are the things we’ve learned while on the Paleo diet (since I haven’t done one of these in awhile!):

– Jamey can indeed survive without cheese for a week.
– Morgan can indeed survive without peanut butter and sweets.
– Eating healthier does in fact make you feel better (Not even kidding we have talked on and on about how much better we feel)
– Morgan now drinks a gallon of water a day (A DAY!!)
– There are actually quite a lot of Paleo recipes out there and they are very tasty!
– We’ve both rediscovered our love of vegetables.
– It takes A LOT of protein to fill Jamesy up and I do mean A LOT!
– Healthy eating takes a great deal of planning, but is worth it in the end.

All kidding aside we both feel great and have not had any problems at all. I did have like two days of sugar cravings where I thought I might die if  I didn’t get something sweet, but I would just eat a piece of fruit and drink a lot of water and it would pass. Jamey also had a couple of times when he couldn’t get full but mostly when we were eating out and he was having to eat salads and they just don’t put enough protein on salads these days! Jamey did cheat a little one day at Moe’s but nothing huge. Overall we have felt better and I feel like my skin has improved a good bit! We also have lost weight which is just an added bonus because neither of us really had an aim to lose weight, we just wanted to get fit and healthy. Jamey ended up losing nine pounds…no you didn’t read that wrong he really did lose nine pounds. Isn’t that crazy! Especially since I would have said he didn’t need to lose any! He says he had gained some weight though and was happy to have some of it off 🙂 I lost three pounds which I was pretty stoked about too. I’m getting back down to my weight I was when I was running a good bit awhile back. That weight lost wasn’t just from Paleo though, we have both been running most every morning and doing some cross training as well. We have also decided to do one cheat “meal” a week since most Paleo people say they do this, or follow a more 80/20 approach to Paleo. Which technically means you follow Paleo 80% of the time, but really people eat Paleo most of the time and just don’t beat themselves up if they have a cheat every once in awhile. SO after completing a full week of Paleo I received this text from the husband dearest.

So when I got home I did a little cross training then rewarded myself with this….
Yep, that is cookies and cream ice cream with peanut butter on top. Seriously peanut butter was so hard not to eat all week. Especially with it staring me in the face every time I opened the pantry! DUMB LEGUMES!! If almond butter wasn’t $15 then I might would have eaten it instead, but Jamey gave the veto on it when he saw how expensive it was haha! 
Well enough about this Paleo thing that we crazy people are doing. We had ANOTHER momentous occasion this past week as well. This little girl….
turned NINE years old. I’m being serious… She has grown up so much over the past 4 1/2 years I’ve been with Jamey. It has been crazy how the time has flown. I don’t even understand how you parents do it. I mean I almost cried when I saw her the other day and thought back on how much she was growing and how it was all happening way too fast! She spent the weekend at their our (that still seems weird…) aunt’s house for her birthday so we went over on Saturday night to help celebrate, and then some of the fam jam came up Sunday so we could all go to the Wizard of Oz at the Alabama Thatre. Everyone enjoyed it and the obsession with the Wizard of Oz may continue on in the younger generation of the Hurst children.
Jennie was first obsessed now maybe Amelia? Only time can tell.. She is right now obsessed with such things as the color blue, tie-dye and peace signs if you couldn’t tell in that picture above! 
Those were the major momentous occasions, but there was one more… A dove made a nest right outside our bedroom window this summer, and we have literally watched the baby birds grow up. I mean we saw her make the nest, lay the eggs, feed the birds, sit on the birds, and finally teach the birds to fly! It was the first time I’ve ever watched birds like that. It was pretty amazing to see. God’s creation is truly a beautiful thing! 
Jamey and I have truly been blessed this week and we are excited for the upcoming week! My sister comes to visit this weekend, and I finish all my summer classes up come Tuesday YAY! I also leave for Orlando early Wednesday morning for an inter conference for Ernst & Young. I’m pretty excited for all the cheesiness and awesomeness that will come with that ha! Praying for you all and hope you all have had an amazing week like we have! 


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