Well Here Goes Nothing…

Jamey and I have decided to start the Paleo Diet……although after our grocery bill tonight Jamey may be quickly rethinking ha! For anyone that doesn’t know what the Paleo diet is here is a short run down. Basically, it is a cave man diet. You can eat anything that you can pick out of tree or off a plant, and anything you can kill, but that is pretty much it. Nothing processed and no diary or legumes. Mallory can tell you the science behind why you can’t eat legumes because she told me, but I don’t remember…. Anyway, so pretty much meats and veggies and fruits are all that we can eat. Oh, and nuts! Yeah, no diary and no grains. WHICH MEANS NO MILK AND NO PASTA. Yeah, those are probably going to be the two things I miss the most. And cookies..yep cookies, I will miss those guys. If you want anything else besides the basic run down HERE is a link.

We are both starting to run again (as long as I can get through these darn shin splints!), and hopefully we will both be running the Mercedes marathon in February. We are signing up for a few races along the way to keep motivated with the first being the Color Run 5k on September 2nd. We will be running with my sister and it is her first 5k! Go Mallory! Then we plan on signing up for the Warrior Dash on October 6th. I’m pretty pumped about both of the runs, but  I definitely need to do some weight lifting before the Warrior dash!

I’ll try to keep everyone updated on our Paleo adventure and let you know who crashes and burns first 😉 Also, there is a half gallon of cookies and cream ice cream in our freezer, so it is going to be like a test of the wills for who can look at it the longest before giving in and eating the whole thing. I’ll post meals as I go if any of them are any good. Some meals are easy and normal, but I’m definitely going out of my comfort zone and trying some new things for this diet.

Oh and I should probably say that for all the people that are out there saying why the heck would you do this diet neither of you need to lose weight (if you aren’t saying that and think we need to lose some pounds just don’t tell me! haha). We are actually doing it to help with training. You can do research on it if you want, but supposedly if you aren’t carb loading to keep up energy you will burning glycogen the whole time, which is what you burn after you burn up all the carbs you ate. Well, if you burn carbs before burning glycogen then you “bonk” when you run out of carbs, so this is supposed to skip this step since you will always be burning glycogen when you exercise. We will also let you know how that goes! Jamey is a big carb loader, so I think he is a little nervous about saying goodbye to them.

Well here goes nothing! Wish us luck! Has anyone else gone Paleo?? Have any good tips for us or any good recipes?? I’m learning how to cook things all over again I feel like!


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