Wonderful Weekends

We had the most fabulous weekend this past weekend! It was filled with good friends, long talks, and good food!

The weekend ended in one of the most fabulous of ways as well! Everyday on my way to work I pass by the Alabama Theatre and this week I was riding by and saw that Casablanca was going to be playing Sunday afternoon! Side note: I LOVE old movies like a WHOLE lot. So when I saw that this was playing in the fabulous Alabama Theatre I couldn’t let that pass us by. 
Sunday morning came and we got all dolled up in our old fashioned best and went to church then stopped for a quick lunch at Chipotle and headed over to the theatre. When we walked inside it was breathtakingly beautiful. We got there about an hour before the movie started and wandered around marveling at everything. Then we found some seats in the balcony and read the fun trivia facts that were scrolling across the screen. About 30 minutes before the show started a huge organ appeared from the floor. I kid you not. All of a sudden a huge organ being played by a man came up out of the floor on stage. He chatted with the audience and played beautiful music and then there was a sing-a-long. Again I kid you not. There was a sing-a-long. They were songs we didn’t know, but it was fun nonetheless! Jamey went and got us popcorn and my favorite, milk duds, and HOMEMADE lemonade. It was homemade. For reals. You could also get it hard, but we skipped that this lovely afternoon. We then enjoyed our movie (We had already seen it before, but it was just as good the second time around). Oh and I only fell asleep once for like 5 minutes. Oh another fun fact about me is that I NEVER stay awake during a whole movie. I mean there are occasions when I do, but a lot of times I fall asleep and yes that means even in a crowded movie theatre, and yes, even when it is one of my favorite movies of all times. I don’t know why but a dark space with cozy seats get me every time. If I’m not walking around and doing stuff while a movie is going on then I’m out like a light bulb. Normally I watch movies twice if I’m watching at home. 
Anyway back to what I was telling you…when the movie was over the organ started up again and out we went into the light mist rain outside. It was a perfect afternoon I tell you. If you live in the Birmingham area you should really go the theatre when you get the chance. They do a lot of older movies on Sundays, but they are doing Harry Potter on Friday nights right now. Wizard of Oz is this Sunday and the organist is playing a Wizard of Oz medley before the movie starts. Jennie, does this make you want to swing by Birmingham this Sunday??? Well here are pictures of our Saturday afternoon out 🙂

Sorry this one is blurry! Bad lighting + iPhone…

Beautiful Organ Pipes! 

Yummy Treats! 

The Organ from our of the ground! Again sorry this one is so terrible….

In our old-fashioned Sunday’s best! 

PS. Also, if you are in the Birmingham area and need a watering hole to stop in at go stop by Avondale Brewing Company. Jamey and I seriously could not sing its praises enough. We had an awesome time there Saturday night. 

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