It may be time to rename this blog…

This blog could probably be called “The Crazy Things Jamey Talks Me Into That Almost Kill Me”  Just kidding, I go willingly and blindly into all the adventures he takes me on and sometimes they are awesome and sometimes I feel like I got run over by a big truck. Today is one of those days that I feel like I just got run over. Yesterday we decided to celebrate the 4th with an early morning bike in Oak Mountain State Park. We have been mountain biking a few times before and the first time was a DISASTER, but since then we’ve been and have had a blast! The last time we went Jamey decided it would be best for me to have clip in pedals, you know the kind where your shoes clip into the pedal (get it…ha)? Well, they came in the mail the other day, and Tuesday night I put them on my bike. I’m going to preface this story with I rode approximately one lap around my apartment complex and took my feet in and out of the pedals approximately ten times before we headed out Wednesday morning to ride the trails. I’m sure you can all see where this is going….I then fell off my bike approximately 10 times and when I say I fell of my bike what I really mean is that my bike fell over while my feet were still attached to the pedals so there was absolutely nothing I could do but fall over too… Today I’m now bloody and bruised and mad that I completely stunk up my first ride by not being able to get my feet out of the pedals fast enough! I am even more angry that once I fell the first time it shook my confidence enough to make falling even easier the other 9 times… Luckily that was just one day and hopefully I can practice more and get back on the trail and NOT fall a million times….  

After that we went up to Decatur to visit family and celebrate the good Ol’ USA! We had a blast and enjoyed and treasured our time with our family. We ate LOTS of food spent all day in the pool, and of course shot fireworks. The perfect 4th of July celebration 🙂 

I hope everyone had as great of a 4th of July as we did! Here are some pictures we shot yesterday! 

Before the fateful ride began!
Cousins having fun in the pool!
Love this chick!
Even the dogs were having fun in the sun.
Love these two!
Sparklers are always a big hit!
Siblings 🙂
Other Hurst Siblings!



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