Learning sometimes takes time

And in our case it seems we are in a learning phase on a few things in our life, but we haven’t quite it all out yet.

We have learned:

– That it is OK to be lazy on Sunday afternoons sometimes 🙂

– That it is even more OK to be passionate about your job and actually like going to work early/staying a little late

– It’s NOT OK to dislike your job and dread going to work

– A beautiful woman from Africa can make your day, week, month and that you can feel overwhelming love for someone you’ve never even stood face to face with

– Sometimes you do have to practice a little patience and wait until God reveals His plans. 

– And most of all that learning takes time and sometimes you don’t have it all figured out, but if you keep praying and seeking God’s will He will give you the strength to keep learning. 

We are loving life and family and friends these days, but we are definitely having to practice a little patience in our lives to wait and see what the Lord wants us to do in some areas of our life.  

We joined a small group today at church and we liked it a lot! Please keep us in prayer as we try to meet new friends and get involved in our church! We are excited for what that holds for us and the things we can learn from our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. 


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