I love…

I love the sound of Jamey playing the guitar at the kitchen counter

I love that I finished my first test in grad school tonight

I love that I came home to a wonderful husband who held me close as I vented about my stressed work/school schedule

I love that Hewitt has cuddled with me all day today

I love that my husband is so pumped about mountain biking right now that he got online and bought me mountain biking equipment so I would be more prepared when we go haha! 

I love THIS  blog right now. (If you know me well you know that I get obsessed with blogs a little too much and I’ve been following some of my favorites for over a year now…hmmm… now we all know where this whole thing started) 

I love my Starbucks Keurig k-cups that I drink EVERY morning

I love that I got to chat with one of my best friends Saturday morning unexpectedly

I love lists (can anyone tell this??) 

I love lunches with my coworkers

I love wonderful Sunday sermons that make you on fire for the Lord

I love the kitty that I passed this morning on my walk to work. He already had an owner much to my dismay. He was on a little leash and had a collar and was owned by the homeless couple that I see often on my way to work. He was a new addition to their family. 

I love that I’m about to go get in my comfortable bed and have sweet dreams

And most of all I love my hubster who holds my hand and my heart in his hand and never lets go.


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