The Things We’ve Learned.

My sister gave me the idea for this post and because this idea is cool and because my sister is cool I decided to go with it. The idea is that maybe once a week I’ll post the things that Jamey and I have learned that week. Hopefully they will be funny at times and insightful at times, but we will see….This first one is going to be on what we learned in the past couple of weeks since I haven’t posted recently! So here goes nothing!

We both learned that we have waaaaayyyyy more stuff than we ever thought we did….and so did my sister and my dad when they helped us move into our new apartment from 7am to 10pm. (THANKS Y’ALL!!)

We learned that having a big kitchen makes your marriage a lot more enjoyable….and maybe a big bed too 😉

Jamey learned what it means exactly to run a photo shoot for Summer Classics aka a LOT of leg work.

I learned that beginning a tax return 2 weeks before it is due is not fun… and it keeps you up late at night and makes you go into work before 7 in the morning.

We learned cooking with siblings is more fun that cooking alone! We also learned how to make AMAZING chocolate cake and pretty darn good beef stroganoff with our siblings.

We learned our way to the nearest vet clinic and a heck of a lot about intestinal parasites…

Jamey learned that Mass Effect 3 is definitely the coolest of the 3 video games.

We learned that a surprise dinner with you aunts, uncles and cousins is pretty sweet (in Jamey’s words) and also much needed and appreciated family time. (Thanks for the dinner family!)

I learned that sometimes knowing a beach trip is waiting for you at the end of the week can help you get through the hardest work week of your life.

We learned sometimes quality time with family looks very different (car rides, moves, and quick last minute lunches) but it doesn’t mean that it is any less important or any less enjoyed!

I learned that sometimes the best way to learn something new is to put a deadline and a goal on it and you will master it faster than you thought possible.

Jamey learned a little more simultaneous harmonica/guitar playing (and serenaded me with it when I got home!)

We learned that unexpected guests for dinner is sometimes a great thing on a Sunday night.

I learned that best friend chats are ALWAYS awesome and ALWAYS needed, especially when those talks involve Jesus and help pass the time on a long drive.

I also learned that my hubby is a pretty good picture hanger and also loves me enough to surprise me with newly hung pictures for when I come home from vacation because he knows it makes our house a home.

MOST OF ALL we learned that it is good to have some down time and sometimes it doesn’t have to to look the same for both of you, but it is wonderful nonetheless. 🙂


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