Guess What.

We don’t agree on everything… shocking I know. Actually, we probably don’t agree on most things. Jamey the laid back introvert and Morgan the controlling extrovert have had to get used to doing things a little differently over the years. Well, all of you probably know this about us, and most of the time I think we would say that we agree on the “important” things and that everything else doesn’t really matter anyway….

Well, we might have been just a little wrong in that department too because the other day we had a disagreement (for the lack of a better word) about theology and evolution. Yes, even our arguments are nerdy. Well, most people would say that theology is probably something that married couples shouldn’t be fighting about. I mean hadn’t we already figured all that stuff out before we decided to tie the knot?? Sadly we hadn’t and we still haven’t figured it all out because this isn’t the first disagreement we have had about theology and it probably won’t be the last. I (Morgan) was a little freaked out going to bed that night because my thoughts process goes along the lines of “We can disagree about everything, but the Lord is the thing that is supposed to bring us together, so why can’t we just agree?” I think I prayed about a million times yesterday for us to have understanding for each other’s views and for the Lord to show us a way to agree.

Then something even more awesome happened today. The Lord answered another prayer of ours. A prayer that had been on our hearts for awhile. Something that was near and dear to both of us. A prayer to help someone else in need. There we were clinging to each other for another reason. We were drawing closer to each other and to the Lord in an even greater way. The Lord answered the prayers for us to agree, but not in the way I had thought. That is when I realized that the Lord wants us to glorify Him in our lives. That the Lord doesn’t necessarily care whether we have the intricacies of creation figured out, but more importantly He is going to draw us together by letting us show love to others through Him.

Yesterday we didn’t go to bed angry at each other. We made up of our mutual love of all things clean in a house. So with a toilet brush in Jamey’s hand and a broom in mine we said our “I’m sorrys” and went on with life, but the Lord hadn’t been done with us yet. He had better things to show us, and I will never cease to be amazed at His ways. So while we discovered we don’t have to have everything figured out (much to both our dismays), we are called to love others and to glorify the Lord in that. Until the day that the Lord explains His wonderful ways to us we will continue to love Him and love others.


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